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Below you will find testimonials from our clients.  If you have specific project questions, please contact us.


“The Partner Health Survey got us to concrete results. The joint view of what’s going well, what’s not and comparison of gaps was very important to understanding the health of the relationship. I don’t think we have another vehicle to get this. We were able to uncover issues that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to discover without the comparison of the two different perspectives. This process had a material impact and we incorporated many of the recommendations in our fiscal year plan.”   
Global Alliance Director, Cisco

“Thank you for the rapid turnaround on our benchmarking study request and such a fine job on gathering and summarizing the information.  We also appreciate having received the list of recommended actions and cautions about outsourcing proprietary information, especially in China.”  
V.P. Alliances, Dupont Pharmaceutical

“Phoenix Consulting Group presented us with a very practical and implementable strategy for building partnerships and alliances to increase our sales capacity and solution foot print. In the first 90 days, we have closed agreements with many of the major technology partners in our market and have already seen new opportunities in the pipeline as a result of the partnering recommendations made by Phoenix."
V.P. Business Development, Open Harbor

"This is the first time I have heard such a well-articulated story regarding partnerships. It is precise and shows a well-defined picture."

"From the perspective of targeting a specific partner value proposition, this announcement is a textbook example of how to appeal to the specific interest of partners..."

"The developer loyalty survey conducted by PhoenixCG was the best thing I did in coming to PayPal because it gave me concrete data and direction on which to base program decisions. We can build to serve the entire community, not the most vocal few.”
Director of Alliances, PayPal

“Phoenix has been instrumental in our design at SAP for the new partner program that we will be rolling out shortly.  I brought the team in to SAP in 2006 to help with our fundamental design along 36 perspectives to deliver a next generation framework for SAP.  Quickly, the were able to get up to speed and add incredible value and insight on topics ranging from requirements for participation through to cutting edge enablement offerings to blue print designs of our PRM system.  We had limited timeframes for the board review and the attention to detail was never lost as we evaluated what was best for SAP, market trends, and cost models required for execution.  The recommendations were well received and a lot of the heavy lifting and outside-in rationalizations can be attributed to Phoenix efforts.”
VP, Global Software & Technology Partner Program Office, SAP

"I just received the package you developed announcing and explaining the program. This is the first time in my tenure at Sun that I have seen such a thorough and directly informative package about a program change. You did a great job!"
Area VP, Sun Microsystems

Who We Work For

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