Collaborative Capability

Alliances Best Practices Update – Half Day Workshop

Ensure your alliance teams are up to speed on the best practices identified in the 2013  Best Practices in Go-to-market Technology Alliances research report. Phoenix team members will review findings and address questions from your team. Full day option includes a deeper dive into the specific subset of findings most relevant to your team.


Assessment of Alliances Alignment

Learn what’s needed to take your alliance management to the next level. Phoenix Consulting will review your existing alliance practices to determine those specific areas that can most benefit from additional focus. We’ll evaluate your existing alliance practices against the key performance criteria of high performing alliances. As an option, we can also compare your alliance programs with that of up to two competitors.


Alliance Advisory Program

Engage Phoenix Consulting as your in-house alliance advisors. We will be available to you and your alliance leads on an as needed basis. The program includes an initial planning meeting and quarterly updates. Additionally, you’ll have access to the Phoenix team via phone and email during this time.

This option is ideal for the alliance team that wants access to a trusted advisor on an ongoing basis.  You’ll be able to access Phoenix’ team of alliance experts to review planning and strategy for alliance programs, discuss issues and concerns as they arise, or to engage in discussions about industry trends and practices. The topic choice is up to you.



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Phoenix Rising Blog

Moneyball for Alliances

Posted on 2/16/2017

The key to a winning baseball season is not the amount of money spent on star talent.  If that were the case then Billy Beane, the central figure of Michael Lewis’ best selling book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair... Read More

Strategic Partnerships - Strategic to Who?

Posted on 1/18/2017

How do you engage when your partner is strategic to you – but you are not strategic to them.  My partner thinks of me as a suppplier, or a channel, or 'fill-in-th-blank.' How do I become a strategic partner?  This is a... Read More

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