Alliance Skills Mastery

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Advanced Skills Mastery 

Demonstrate Leadership in the Profession 

Advance your strategic alliance management expertise with experiential learning in this skills mastery workshop designed to help experienced alliance professionals  hone their the ability to apply best practices and principles throughout the entire alliance lifecycle from strategic inception to transformation.  This workshop focuses on team situation analysis using case study scenarios, simulating the environment that strategic alliance professionals encounter in the more advanced aspects of partner management including developing strategy and managing a portfolio. You will receive tools and templates useful for enhancing alliance performance on the job. More Information. To find out how you can attend or host a workshop, send an email to

eppLogoAlliance Skills Mastery

Invest in your Career

Enhance your alliance management skills and advance your career through an experiential learning of the formation and management of partnerships and alliances. This workshop focuses on team problem solving within the context of case study scenarios, simulating the situations alliance managers face everyday and challenging participants to apply what they know. You will also receive many tools and references to aid you in applying alliance management best practices to your work. More Information.  To find out how you can attend or host a workshop, send an email to

eppLogoCollaborative Innovation & Value Creation

Harnessing the diversity of partners to create compelling value propositions

The very premise of partnering is to create new value that could not be achieved independently.  In this sense partners are a natural incubator for collaborative innovation.   This workshop will explore innovation across a spectrum of possibilities: product innovation, operations innovation, and business model innovation.  We provide a framework that will enable the partner teams to translate innovation into compelling value propositions for their customers and their stakeholders.  Plus, we will review the process to operationalize value creation by creating a plan of execution and a metric system to measure the value delivered to partners and customers. Download the Syllabus. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a class. 

eppLogoBuilding Stakeholder Alignment

 Creating value in relationships

An informal survey of alliance managers indicated most spend up to 70% of their time managing internal stakeholder alignment. That’s 70% of their time NOT spent creating value, managing performance, identifying new opportunities. This course gives alliance managers strategies, tools, and techniques to manage stakeholders more effectively, so they can spend more time on value creating activities and delivering higher performing partnerships.  Download the Syllabus. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a class.

Creating a Governance Model to Manage Risk and Performance

Balancing Trust and Control

Alliance governance is a system of checks, balances, oversight, roles and responsibilities to ensure an alliance stays on track.  This course explores various types of governance models enabling alliance managers to select and implement the appropriate model for their goals.  We examine how trust and control mechanisms are balanced to manage risk.  Many governence tools and templates are provided to the attendees such as the Team Charter, Governance Cadence Planner, Peer Mapping Model and a tool for managing stakeholder alignment. Download the Syllabus. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a class.

Metrics to Measure Performance and to Manage Outcomes

Understanding which Metrics Matter

High performing alliance create value for their organizations in multiple dimensions and high performing alliance managers understand how to tangibly demonstrate that value through a relevant metrics model. We leverage the proven 'balanced scorecard' model to develop an alliance metrics model that measures the full value creation capability of alliances in market impact, innovative capacity, competitive advantage, and ROI. The course also covers how to deliver partner health diagnostics and how to translate those results into higher performance. Download the Syllabus. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a class.

Alliance Business Planning

Building the Roadmap to Success

Joint business planning is core activity of alliances ensuring that both organizations have clear expectations of the activities and commitments on both sides of the collaboration. This class can be delivered as joint workshop engaging you and your partner in a facilitated work session in building a business plan or it can be delivered as an internal skills development class.  We highly recommend that Collaborative Innovation and Value Creation Workshop precedes this workshop to ensure that there is a compelling value proposition that drives the business planning process.  In this class we examine what components go into a business plan, how to build a business case and writing the executive summary. Download the Syllabus. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a class. 


Effective Collaborative Selling

The Last Mile of a Successful Alliance

Selling effectively with your partner is the last mile to success and one of the most difficult collaborations to manage.  Sales teams have their own ideas of how to sell, are protective of their clients, are usually not natural collaborators. This class focuses on winning the hearts and minds of the sales team and winning with partners as well as providing many field-tested tools and examples to manage sales engagement, account targeting, joint account planning and rules of engagement. 

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