Building the Partner Ecosystem for the Marketing Nation

Podcast from our Partner, Leverage2Market

Christine Hansen
Senior Director of Strategic Alliances

Christine Hansen is the Senior Director of Strategic Alliances for Marketo, specializing in business development with commerce and other partners in the customer engagement space. She has held a variety of leadership roles in partnership development, product management and marketing with such companies as PayPal, BEA Systems, Oracle and others.

In this podcast, Christine talks about how Marketo is leveraging partners to drive growth. She discusses how Marketo’s technology, service and distribution partners extend the company’s offerings, helping to accelerate Marketo’s growth into some of the world’s most disruptive companies

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Measuring Partner Performance 

How to Create and Maintain an Award Winning Partner Program

How do you measure your partners? Do you know which partners are your best and least performing? Learn why it’s important to define the right measurement criteria and that combined with the right partner rewards and effective communication, you can set you and your partners up for mutual future success. - A joint webinar with our partner Requisite Software. 

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Importance of Professional Certification

Invest in Your Career

Ann Trampas, PhoenixCG Professional Development Practice Lead, speaks with Paddy on how CA-AM and CSAP Professional Certification can advance your career. Listen to the Interview.

APC Life in the Ecosystem

Creating Customer Value in the Data Center

Kim Tremblay of APC and Norma Watenpaugh of PhoenixCG discuss the challenges and opportunties of going to market within multii-partner ecosystems.  Listen to the Interview

The Value of Partner Health Diagnostics

Optimizing Partner Performance

Greg Fox, Director of Alliance Marketing and Debbie Gilliland, Sr. Marketing Manager of Emerging Solutions of Cisco Systems are interviewed by Leslie Sutherland, Marketing Practice Lead of PhoenixCG.  Greg and Debbie discuss the value of Partner Health Diagnotics as a tool to enhance partner performance. Listen to the Interview

Alliance Marketing Framework

Meeting the Challenges of Going to Market Together

Linda Heideman, Sr. Marketing Manager at Cisco, talks about a frame work for alliance marketing. Linda outlines the steps in building the foundational relationship to accelerate your efforts, creating awareness, generating leads, enabling sales, and driving revenue. Listen to the Inverview

Collaborative Innovation

Leveraging Diversity of Perspectives to Create Value and Innovation

Norma Watenpaugh is interviewed by Cheryl Perkins, Chair of CoDev 2010 on the nature of Collaborative Innovation. “One of the natural processes within alliances is to resolve differences so you can operate effectively.  When this is done well you are combining the best of both and new creating value.   Business model breakthroughs can be just as disruptive and just as powerful as competitive differentiators as technological innovation.”
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Collaborative Capability

Certification assures Collaborative Capability: Taking Partnering to the Next Level

Norma Watenpaugh was featured in an interview for the Marketing Thought Leadership series with Linda Popky, Marketing Master and recently named one of Silicon Valley's Top 100 Women of Influence.  “There is a growing recognition of collaboration as a strategic competency. Businesses rely more and more on partners to execute business strategy and grow stakeholder value. Certification sets a bar for collaborative capability ensuring partner managers have the skills for success.”
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