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Gamifying Partner Onboarding InfoGraphic

Make onboarding engaging, fun, and productive.  Gamify the experience to create a partner jouney which will keep them on track from enrollment, enablement, and productive revenue enagement. Download

Channel Partner Recruitment Considerations Check List

The Buyer's journey has changed in the past few years.  Has your channel strategy kept up?  Have your partners?  The channel partner recruitment checklist will aid you in asking and answering the key questions in recruiting the right partners for the future.  Download

Peer MappingTool

Peer mapping establishes the operational linkages between two alliance partners: the who works with who on daily basis to collaborate and to make mutual decisions. (Download 50 KB)

Build, Buy, Partner Check List

Questions to ask in determining whether the best strategy is to build or grow organically, externally through acquisition or partner.  (Download 86 KB)

Stakeholder Alignment Assessment

Tool to visualize stakeholder alignment and levels of influence to lend insight into strategies to gain greater alignment. Read more about using this tool on our blog.  (Download 56 KB)

Self-Assessment Tool

A skills inventory tool that will aid you in determining where your strengths, weaknesses and gaps are in alliance management competencies. It is a useful tool when planning for professional development needs for an individual or for alliance teams. (Download 81.5 KB)

Alliance Team Charter Template

The alliance team charter is jointly developed by the alliance partners to establish a common vision, joint objectives, value proposition and team structure for an alliance. It's use is more completely described in our Governance and Stakeholder Alignment practice.  (Download 45 KB)

Your First 100 Days as an Alliance Executive

Your first 100 days are critical to your long term success in a new position.  We have mapped the process from the best selling book, Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job, by Robert Hargrove in a model that will help propell you to success in your new alliance executive job. (Download 92 KB)


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Phoenix Rising Blog

Moneyball for Alliances

Posted on 2/16/2017

The key to a winning baseball season is not the amount of money spent on star talent.  If that were the case then Billy Beane, the central figure of Michael Lewis’ best selling book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair... Read More

Strategic Partnerships - Strategic to Who?

Posted on 1/18/2017

How do you engage when your partner is strategic to you – but you are not strategic to them.  My partner thinks of me as a suppplier, or a channel, or 'fill-in-th-blank.' How do I become a strategic partner?  This is a... Read More

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