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Starts: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 01:00 AM
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What Savvy Channel Chiefs Know about New Perils and New Opportunities -

This is a time of digital transformation that promises exciting new capabilities enabled through the convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC for short). The convergence of these technologies is enabling the Internet of Things, new digital business models, and widespread industry disruption. While pundits estimate between $13-19 trillion of new value creation through this transformation, traditional industries are going to be SMAC'd. Who would have guessed the taxi industry might be Übered, and self-driving cars might change the entire ground transportation industry? No industry is immune. What does this mean for the sales channel? Join us at the ASAP Global Summit March 1, 2017 in San Diego. Our panel of channel experts will share ways to navigate this treacherous terrain and transform the channel to meet the challenge of digital transformation.

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